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The USHER disc is here!

Ultimate Stereo Hearing & Equipment Refresher

A whole new take on the ‘audiophile test disc’.

There have long been plenty of discs that will help you to optimise your sound system in various ways. The USHER disc is different. It helps you improve your hearing so that not only does your own system sound better - all reproduced and live music takes on a whole new level of aural excellence.

Surely that can’t be possible, though?

But why not? Any kind of human ability can be practised and improved on. Just because it’s not immediately obvious how to improve hearing doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact ‘ear training’ of listeners is an essential part of most listening-based tests conducted scientifically. More familiarly, every time you listen carefully to your own system to appreciate a component upgrade, or perhaps to identify and locate some suspected flaw, you are training your hearing.

So the USHER disc simply does something like that. Using specially treated music tracks, it encourages your ear-brain interface to extract the maximum from higher frequencies, a mental trick which, once learned, sticks and enhances all-round sound perception.

And there’s more! Distilling over two decades of research, experience and observation in the field of hi-fidelity sound recording and reproduction, USHER includes unique technical tracks to improve and verify the performance of sound equipment. Stereo imaging test tracks, specialised burn-in tracks and a unique demagnetisation sequence all help bring equipment to its peak performance. Frequency sweeps aid in identifying and rectifying acoustical problems with the listening environment (without the need for a frequency counter or any other specialised test equipment) and there’s even a precision ‘concert A’ for tuning musical instruments! A selection of music tracks rounds the disc off.

Launched at the September 2003 Hi-Fi Show and AV Expo at Heathrow, London, the USHER disc is already one of the most talked-about new audio products of the season.

Where can you buy it? Our good friends at hififorsale.com will be delighted to take your retail order. If you are a trade customer or importer/distributor, please contact us directly at [email protected]

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